Will Lindsay Lohan End Up In Jail | No Show For Court Again

Will Linsay Lohans luck (staying out of jail) for the most part ever run out. Once again, Lindsay has missed her court date on January 7th. It looks as if she may have gotten lucky once again as prosecuters were not prepared and asked for a new date. I wonder, how on earth does this give her the right to be a no-show for court though? Any other REGULAR person would have a warrant an be arrested right away.

This is just par for the course. Lindsay is well known for not showing up for her mandatory court appearances. Can you blame her? The judges never really do anything about it. It is also well documented that Lohan has issues with doing court demanded public services. With that being said, my guess is this will just be another opportunity for her lawyers to get her off with just about no penalty. I assume she will pay a small fortune to the pyschic that she alledgedly punched in the face and go on with her life.

Pretty much one thing is for sure. Lindsay Lohan has a long history of getting in trouble. More then likely this trend will continue. With that, one day she may actually not be lucky and do some serious jail time. It is my hope that a celebrity such as her will get things figured out and realize that she has more opportunties then most and quit wasting her life.