Gun Freak Alex Jones Vs Piers Morgan Video

 If the interview with Alex Jones on the Piers Morgan show did not get your attention, you must not have a card in the recent all out gun control debate. Alex Jones is the crazy gun nut who started a deportation effort to get Piers out of the United States. This is all because of Mr Morgans rather strong opinions on gun control, not to mention how he continues to compare the US to Great Britian for gun violence.

During the so-called interview, (it was more like a yelling and over talking contest won clearly by Smith) Piers tried to ask questions and hold a realistic debate over current gun policy. This made no difference to Alex Smith and he spent most of the time ranting and talking in circles about government take overs and conspiracy with building number 7 in New York City during the 911 attacks.

I would hope that most responsible gun owners would make sure that this is not the guy who represents their opinion. Even so, the United States is loaded with pro-gun activists and plenty of gun nuts!