5 Tips To Get Started Earning On The Internet

The making money thing is nowhere near as hard as it seems to be. Really, earning some cash from the internet is just like any other business that you may have tried. One really huge mistake people tend to make is thinking this will be very easy. It does not have to be hard, but succeeding with making money on the internet does require work, and if you are not willing to roll up your sleeves to go after your dreams then you might as well just stop now!

Are you tired of hearing about copy and paste profits on the internet? I know I am, the difference is, I do not waste any time at all entertaining these offers from so called online guru's. If you have spent any reasonable amount of time learning how to make money on the internet, you should know by now that these email solicitations are just garbage and the real way to succeed with an online business is all about being organized and having a good plan. Let's take a look at a few things which are very important to be successful with any new venture.

Custom Domains

What I mean by this is simple, No matter how you build your website or blog, you need a web address which speaks to the topic that you are covering. A dotcom or dotorg is a really good way to go and will give your potential customers that extra trust level they need. Yeah, so many consumers do not even pay attention to the address of any site they click through to, but as time passes, the domain is your's and people will become more savvy to what looks legitmate and what is free hosting.

Dont get me wrong. free hosted blogs and websites are great. They can bring extra traffic and help you build backlinks to your most important articles and websites. I am just saying that in order to make this business a long term investment, having a paid for domain name and good website will go a long way in trust with consumers and building realationships that could last for quite some time.

How To Monetize

This is where many newbies to making money on the web get confused. If you search for how to make money on the internet, everyone who has an opinion will be giving you information, some of this will be helpful and some just plain doesn't work at all. Honestly, there are a few programs online where some serious folks who have made real money can give you the steps needed to succeed. Do you know who they are and which ones to trust? This is the problem. Information overload! There is almost know way you can be successful earning on the world wide web if you are confused. or trying to do too my things at one time.

In order to simplify things, there are a few steps which you can do to start earning right away while tracking your results. These money making ideas will probably not make you rich but will help you get on the right track and avoid spending cash on internet programs which are usually out-dated or full of hype, only to sell you the next upgrade in the money making package.

Adsenseand affiliate marketing are the main ways to start earning cash on the internet. Adsense once approved, I believe is the best way to create some income when you are first getting started. Affiliate marketing is another good way to increase your monthly earnings based on the content you provide.

Using Article Directories

It may seem like a lot of additional work to write more articles and submit them with a link back to your site. This is very important as Google and most of the major search engines are more likely to rank your website high in the results if many other same topic websites or articles are linked back to you.

You could also submit your individual posts to social websites and rss feed directories. The more relevant backlinks you have, the faster you could rank high in the search engines which will hopefully translate to making money online.

Ezinearticles and Goarticles are my two favorites to submit articles and leave a link back to a website in the author box. Both sites get quite a bit of traffic. With some well written articles, you could increase the visitors to your site very quickly.

A Few Keys To Success

In this article , I even started to get too complicated and that is not what I wanted here. Sometimes too much information can cause a person to give up or just believe there is way too muck work invloved to ever be successful on the internet. This is certainly not true. Although you may not get wealthy using the ideas listed here, you should be able to start seeing some additional money from your efforts in a short period of time.

I could go on and on about backlinking, rss feeds, press releases and even more but it would kind of defeat the purpose of expaining how to make money online the easy way right? There is really no way to wrap up all the internet marketing information I would like to share in a few paragraphs so I will just put it like this.

This is what I would do if I was just starting to work online today in the hopes of making some money on the internet!

Join Hubpages To Make Some Extra Cash

This site will give you a great publishing platform an allow you the choice to make money each month through your adsense account, hubpages ads or both. Good community for writers and a ton of free information to help you get started earning.

Find Quality Affiliate Products To Promote

The easiest way to sell physical products online is finding low competition niches with a high volume of search. This is worth spending the extra time to figure out. Either way, Clickbank has lots of digital products you could sell as an affiliate and the site Commision Junction tends to be loaded up with physical products for sale.

Build A Blog On Blogger

Choose a tight niche and then build a blog surrounding that same topic. Write high quality content (just as you need to do on Hubpages) and include some affiliate links to products which are same theme oriented. Keep updating and writing new posts atleast 2-3 times per week. Use the Google adwords keyword tool to come up with targeted ideas for each post title and content. Provide links to other articles which are important at the bottom of each post. This will also help the crawler find all of your important pages.

Build more then one blog! If possible, stay within the same theme and eventually link posts and blogs together using anchor text to improve search enine rankings.

Join Ezinearticles, Goarticles and Triond to get more traffic to your webpages. Both Hubpages and Triond will help you make money with adsense, Ezineartcicles and Goarticles are great for getting backlinks from the author box. In some cases, you can make hyperlinks within the body of your content.

How To Get Started Now

This article could be a little difficult to digest. Here is the simple formula for making money on the internet without spending anything to get started.
  • Choose a topic you can write about fast
  • Open an account at Hubpages, Ezinearticles and Triond and start writing
  • Start a blog at blogger within the same niche
  • Find an affiliate product to promote within the niche
  • Write an article at each site about the topic with a link back in the author box to your website
  • Write a post every couple of days on the blog
  • Make a top 3 list on the right side of blog with your affiliate product at number 1
  • Place a 728 x 15 adsense widget at the top of your site and blend it
  • Add blog or website to social bookmarking websites
  • Use Attracta to submit a free sitemap and advertise
  • Create another blog with a good catchy keyword related title
  • Do the same with this site as the above steps
  • Join a few forums which are topic related and use your website as a signature
  • Use the "Free Backlink Tool" to promote your website and articles

Repeat this same strategy up to 10 times and use a different keyword related title for each free blog when you are first starting. Convert the best traffic getting blogs to customized domain names for even better results. Just remember when you convert to a custom domain, new links will need to be pointed at that domain. A traffic disruption will happen at first, just keep doing the same work on these sites and everything should return to normal and even better.

In the end, you will be building a long lasting business versus something that can be taken away at a moments notice.