Bank Of America Forclosed On By Couple And Attorney

A home owner got revenge on "Bank Of America" who intended forclosing on their home. The couple paid cash for a home when they purchased it from Bank Of America. Apparently the paperwork was not documented properly and the bank eventually filed forclosure proceeding against them.

The couple immediately hired an attorney and fought the forclosure. After the court declared the forclosure to be a bank failure, the couple wanted Bank Of America to pay their attorney's fees. This is where it got interesting. After not hearing a response or getting reimbursed, the couple and their attorney contacted the local law enforcement and went to the bank. They brought moving trucks and deputy's which removed the bank manager and started to collect anything of value including computers and cash, yes even cash was collected in the asset seizure.

The bank released a check paying for all of the couples expenses to date. Bank Of America also released a statement saying that they had already approved this payment and unfortunately, the attorney they had hired went out of business..........He was probably forclosed on!