Why Can't I Make Money Online


   Why cant I make money online
is a question that most newbies to the game will ask themselves sooner or later. If you are in this position do not blame yourself. There is a world of mis-information on this topic and for most it will take awhile to get to the truth. After you have read countless e-books about making money on the internet, you will eventually learn (hopefully) that push button systems for earning cash online are scams and the real way to make extra money is with smart and hard work. Yep, working online is just like any other job it takes a serious effort.

Free Trial Websites

Believe it or not, this is where I made my very first money online. I had tried article marketing and everything else to make a buck and struggled. I was also wondering, "why cant I make money online"? I joined a site which had positive reviews (real reviews) and decided to give it a whirl. I made $98.00 my first two days and was very happy. This was doing offers for other people called getting greens. This is popular in the freebie world and I have a section on it at this blog where one can sign up free and make their first money online by tonight.

Affiliate Sales

What programs really work and which don't? Well the list of ways to make money online that don't work is way to long to even try and compose. The ways to actually get paid online is much smaller and easier to manage so lets start with that. Being and affiliate marketer is something that most who have tried to be successful online have either tried or heard of. There are hundreds or even thousands of courses related to this type of work available for purchase and for free. The thing is they all pretty much will give you the same advice. Build a niche type of blog or website, produce quality content on a regular basis, then provide links to affiliate offers for your readers to consider. You need to build backlinks for authority sites while constantly updating your work so it stays fresh.

CPA offers are a good ways to make money because you will not need to sell anything but just provide leads for companies and get paid a small free for doing so. They can be tough networks to join but worth it after you have tried to promote a few offers. My advice is if you promote CPA offers, go for the email submit offers first as they are easier to get new leads with.


If you have not joined up with adsense yet you should. This is one of the easiest programs to use and start making some money online. Revenue sharing sites are a great place to get your account activated without being turned down. Hubpages is one of them and I would suggest starting there. Web answers is also a good place to get your account and it will not take long to get approved. Usually just a couple of days working and you can make it happen on either site. Just remember quality over quantity.

Writing For Cash On The Internet

This is another way where you can make some honest money by working on the web. It will not make you rich but it really does pay. I have used a couple of good websites that pay each week via Pay pal when you reach a minimum threshold of earnings. Its not hard work but just a little boring for me. I do it when I need some extra cash. Good part is if you need a full time gig then this could help at least pay some bills meanwhile. I have a full list of freelance websites where you can start getting paid online so go check it out and read the reviews of other people making money online. Start with these ideas and stay focused. Try not to spread yourself to thin and remember, when you get on the computer go to work doing writing, back linking, and promoting and stop checking your stats. If you do this, you will stop asking yourself, why cant I make money online...