Cowboys To Hire John Gruden As Head Coach?

Since the Cowboys have fired Rob Ryan the Dallas defensive coordinator, it seems like getting rid of Jason Garret may be a good play while coaches such as John Gruden are looking to get back into the league. Would John Gruden be a good fit for the Dallas Cowboys organization? In the lab above goes over several coaching scenarios based on available prospects this year and how the teams are lining up to make changes and important decisions.

Sometimes a team just needs that little extra push to get over the top and the Cowboys are right there with the correct people manning the ship. Jon Gruden did a fine job in Tampa after taking over for Tony Dungy. The Bucs were always close but never made it all the way, with Gruden at the helm, they took the same players and not only went to the Superbowl, but won it convincingly over a pretty good Raiders team. Tell me, what do you think, is Gruden a good fit for the Cowboys head coaching job?