Build A Profitable Affiliate Website For Free Tutorial

This is not a trick! You really can build affiliate websites that make money for no cost to you. How do you do it? There are several ways and I will go over a few of the important steps in the following paragraphs. Although your website, and how it looks may not be the most important aspect, having a clean site, that is easy to navigate, will go a long way to ranking better in the search engines. Take a moment to digest these tips for building quality websites and see if any of them can work for you.

Consider what the major search engines are really looking for. They want quality content which is relevant to a persons query. This is the search term which they entered into the search engine in order to get results. If your website provides the best content that is relevant to the search, you should rank high on the results page. Of course as marketers we only know so much, that which is given to us by experts and so on. Even so, if you stay current with Google publishing guidlines, then providing what they need is just a matter of putting in the work.

Start building your website

 am not a technical genious when it comes down to building websites. I along with many other affiliate marketers are in this to make money. At the same time, in order to be proficient at what you do, there are certain things you must know. Understanding how to build a profitable website is one of them. There are several ways to create a website, but I want to focus on what I know, and what has worked to make some money.

If you do not understand how to use html and create websites from scratch, you have 3 options in my mind. Start with a Blogger blog, use the Wordpress blogging platform or choose another like Weebly or something similar. Don't worry, not being able to build a technical website will not stop you from making money with affiliate offers. You can build a very simple site, and if you rank for the right phrases and provide quality content, your site could continue to get traffic for many months or years.

My favorite is Blogger. I know many prefer Wordpress because of the plugins and easier to use seo benefits, this is just my preference. Wordpress really is good to learn on, and most blogs if done correctly, have the potential to rank high with some additional work.

You should already know your main topic that you want to promote or write about. With this information, use a keyword tool to drill down deeper and find select phrases that can be used for your blog or website title, and the first posts you intend to write on your new site.

The Google adword keyword tool is helpful with this. There are certainly some other tools that will help you diagnose what terms should be used on post titles and within your content to help you get some traffic. Let's take a look at some right now!
The reason I have only given three keyword tools is simple. Most people who get involved with trying to make money with websites and articles spend too much time on the technical stuff and never actually do what is needed.With 3 keyword tools, you can acommplish everything you need to.

First things first, make sure you use longtail keywords as often as possible to get your site recognized and off the ground. Do not fight over the hard to rank for 2-3 work pharses that most of the larger companies already have dibs on. They can outbid you and it is just easier to focus on exact searches at first. Especially those that have many words and are more specific in what they are looking for. These are also buyer keywords. Use these to give yourself a better chance at making affiliate sales.

Design you site

Your new website should be easy to understand. Getting from one page to another should be as easy as clicking on a link which describes exactly what is inside. In some cases, you may need to have many pages and each could be a subpage of one topic. Here is an example:
Your page is dress shoes

you sell many different types of dress shoes online. You need to have subpages for these types of topics. One page would be dress shoes for girls, another might be mens dress shoes and so on! You get the idea. In order to provide easy navigation for your customers, make sure your website is layed out in an easy to follow order. Shoes to dress shoes, dress shoes to mens dress shoes and so on.

Choose a name for your website

Use Blogger if you are new and have not done this before. They have a platform for building blogs which is easy to understand and you can have a site up in no time. Get a custom url as soon as possible. Make sure you have chosen the right niche and post topics first. I recommend having atleast 10 post titles already written before even starting. Make sure you have used the keyword tools to drill down and get longtail phrases to use in your titles and content.

Go to the Blogger dashboard and choose overview, then get a custom domain. This weill allow you to pick a specific name for your website. Choose something that fits your niche and would be attractive to those who are searching online for your information. The reason you want to do this sooner then later is, the links that are created over time by people visiting your website will be lost once you change the domain name. You are better off doing this move right from the start. Getting a custom url or domain name will cost you $10.00 but is well worth it in the end. Sorry this part is not free. You can choose to go without but I highly suggest getting this part done from the start. This is how you make money with affiliate websites.

Website promotion ideas

This has got to be the hardest part of affiliate marketing. How do you get the word out so hungry buyers will flock to your website. Seriously, there are so many other websites out there promoting products and have been for quite some time, how do you compete? The key is in setting up your site navigation and keyword phrases This goes back to what we were talking about before. Using longtail keywords and setting your site up properly is the most important aspect to marketing

Let me just say one thing. Most of us who have decided to market online and become affiliates do not have a lot of money to spend. That is atleast until you have a little success. Then things really change. Until then, how do you get started? My favorite, use the ubersuggest keyword tool and find hidden gems that you will rank for, even with a brand new website, if written correctly, you could be getting a lot of visitors each day.

Use the tool by placing in your main keyword or phrase. Click on the results to drill down and get more extensive and longer terms that you can write about. These are basically derived from the Google drop down instant search menu. Use this to your advantage as many people will click on these drop down suggestions to find what they are looking for. This is how you build a profitable affiliate website with little money and have success.

Interact with social networks

Take the time to develop a facebbok page and a twiiter page. You will want to use your main keywords as the page name and post form your blog as often as possible. Use Twiiter to connect with like businesses. Follow companies who are interested in the same topic as you and when you have time, reply to tweets they make with sensible remarks that are helpful and when possible, include links back to your money site.

Establish bookmarks on other social networks like Delicous, Netvous, Folked and Shetoldme. I have heard great things about Stumbleupon and Reddit also. Make sure to include them in your sites where you bookmark urls you have made.

How to grab website visitors and increase traffic

After you have completed the steps above, we need to work on additional ways to get visitors to your new website. Links are one of if not the most important issue in getting sustainable traffic. In order to make sales on a regular basis you will need lots of people coming to your site based on posts and information you have provided. If this content ranks high in the search engines, that will help a lot, until then, you need additional ways to drive visitors to your money page.

Forums are a good place to start. Find a forum that is your topic oriented and join up. Make nice and talk to people, add real comments and discussion to what is being said. After some time, make sure to add a signature to your posts which includes a link back to your website.

The same can be said about social networks which we went over earlier. Get a reputation and then provide links back to your website and posts. Seriously, if you want to have success, don't rush this part, there is plenty you can be doing while you are building a brand name on forums and social websites.

Get some quality backlinks

There are websites like social monkee and backlinks kingdom which are good for this part of your job. Other legitimate ways to get backlinks include submitting to rss feed websites and blog commenting. Just make sure that you leave real comments and that the blog is worth getting a link back from. Now days, with all of Googles updates on search results, you have to provide top quality content in every form that leads to your website.

There are automated sites that can help you get backlinks that have proven to work, that is for snother time though. Right now just plan on writing killer content, ping your website with or feedshark and then keep building web2.0 articles at places like Hubpages, xomba, and infobarrel. Its not as hard as it may seem, it just takes some time. Once you have done this a few times it will get faster and easier. In oder to start making regular affiliate sales online, this needs to be part of what you do!

Summary (that's a wrap)

You can choose frrom many site designs and decide which way you would prefer to promote them to hungry consumers. The most important aspect of building affiliate websites that make money is, giving your visitors what they need. No matter what you do, this is by far the the most important step. Build high quality content, give them relevant links and offer the best solution to their problems and your golden. Be a problem solver and make money as an affiliate marketer doing it!