Are Flu Shots Bad Or Do They Help

If you are thinking about getting the H1N1 vaccine, here are a few tidbits of information that you should know about. Many people get vaccinated each year but most think it is the best thing to do based upon local commercials and in some cases, doctors orders. Make sure you know the facts about flu shots first before you choose to get an H1N1 flu shot. This video my make fun of the whole idea but the truth is, science and polictics do not go together. Only get a shot if you really feel you need it and have been prescribed this by your doctor.

What do you think? Do flu shots really help people from getting the flu and perhaps getting sick. The government says you should get a flu shot! What about the side affects and is this really healthy for young children or even pregnant women? The idea behind getting vaccinated is that your body will have produced antibodys that will fight against the actual flu conditions you could be vulnerable to. Here is the problem, the flu virus has no cure and over time these virus change and some are not affected by the shots. Take a look at the flu shot video above and decide for yourself.