Alain Robert (spiderman) Climbs Tallest Building In World Video

I absolutely love this guy! Alain Robert is the man, spiderman to be exact. Climbing the tallest building in the world with no ropes and free handed. I really can't believe it! Even he has outdone himself with this latest feat of crazyness.

I am a big fan and have been for quite some time. When I first heard of the french spiderman, I could not understand it. He was climbing huge buildings with no equipment. I rappell for a living, but I have ropes to secure myself. In his case, there is no safety to count on. This blows my mind. How does he do it without getting cramps or potentially lose his grip? In this particular stunt, Alain used ropes because it was part of the deal with Dubai authorities.

Gotta love Alain Robert, you rock on buddy and keep on daring yourself....I love it!

Baddest man on the planet