Video Of Mitt Romney 47 Percent Believe They Are Victims

The Mitt Romney video about how 47% of americans feel they are entitled to free stuff from the government and will never vote for him. He goes on to say that 47% of Americans pay no income tax, totally putting down the poor, the retired citizens and a bunch of other true Americans who have the right to live here and take advantage of the same system he does. I don't mean that in a cynical way. I just mean, the government system is here to work for us, not against us.

He also says that his job is not to worry about those 47%, but to convince the 5-10% independents that he is the best man for president. Yeah, go ahead Romney, belittle people and look down on them, that's a great way to look at running for the presidency of the United States Of America.

"There are 47% who are with him (Obama) and depend on government," "who believe that they are victims and who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them." Who is this guy anyway? Dad was a politician and had things just handed to him for the most part. Makes me sick!

Mitt Romney, you just need to go away and get back to taking advantage of companies and outsourcing jobs!